The Rowley Shoals are a series of 3 coral atolls that rise from deep water located 168 nautical miles west of Broome. The Atolls are Abundant with Fish life allowing you to experience many styles of fishing including Trolling, Jigging, Lure and Popper fishing.

Outside the Atolls we target on Both heavy and light tackle species such as Sailfish, Marlin, Dogtooth Tuna, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Spanish Mackeral and GTs. Throwing Poppers along the outer edge of the reef can produce species such as Coral Trout, Red Bass, GT’s, Jobfish, Emperors and Cods. Inside the Atolls we use barbless hooks to target species such as Coral trout, Red bass, Emperors and Cods.

We also have opportunities to go below the surface and experience the amazing Coral and abundant species of fish within the reef with visibility of up to 70m.

Itineraries: We recommend a 7 day trip being the minimum length trip however we can extend out to as long as you want for those Hardcore Anglers. Leaving in the Evening we will have you on the Reef fishing Early the next morning where you will enjoy 5-10 days Snorkelling and Fishing this amazing area.


  • Day 1:
    Depart in the evening to arrive early the next morning.
  • Day 2 – 6:
    Fish, Snorkel and explore this amazing location enjoying all that it has to offer while enjoying amazing food prepared by our on board cook before departing on the final night.
  • Day 7:
    Arrive back in Broome in the mid morning.

  • We are able to try and schedule in other trips upon request.